Politico Group | Services
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Politico Group offers comprehensive government relations and consulting services in the following areas:


Lobbying & Advocacy

Advocating our clients interests before statewide legislative, regulatory and jurisdictional entities, including monitoring of legislation, effectively communicating with members of the Legislature and their staff, including testifying before committees, and drafting legislation and amendments.


Regulations & Administrative Rules

Monitoring of activities of state boards and commissions, reviewing agency notices for regulatory action, communicating our clients interests by testifying at public hearings or through direct communication with public officials and their staff on regulations and administrative rules of California state agencies.



Conducting thorough analysis of legislative and regulatory actions and provide our clients with council regarding the possible ramifications of those issues.



Provide accurate and timely information and periodicals regarding statewide activities and the impact on our clients and their goals. In addition, if needed, establishment of educational forums such as Capitol day visits and policy summits.


Coalition Development

Ongoing coalition building and outreach with common interest partners to add credibility and force to our clients issues. This includes taking leadership roles in various forums such as: participation on experts panels, presentations to industry groups, and convening committee work groups, drafting teams and task forces.